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Small Animal Boarding

Did you know we board small furry animals? All pets love Paws, so when you go on holiday, send your V.I.Pet to us and they will be cared for like our own pets


Grey RabbitAt Paws we offer small animal boarding all year round. Even on days we are shut, someone is on-hand to cater for our animals and yours too.

We have a number of enclosures your pet can stay in, either on the shop floor or out the way of the “limelight” if you prefer. For any pets boarded on the shop floor, they will have an “I’m not for sale, i’m on holiday” sign put by them and our premises is constantly monitored by CCTV, so you can be sure they will be safe.


Hamster in Cage

In regards to very small animals, such as mice, hamsters and gerbils, we suggest these are brought into store in their own cages. In busy holiday season, we can also accommodate more very small animals if they are in their own cages.

All pets are fed on their existing diet, so if it is something we do not regularly stock, please bring some with you.


Tip: Pets settle in quicker to an environment if they have items they are familiar with – consider bringing some of their toys and special treats they like.


We want your V.I.Pets to feel at home. All pets are handled, health-checked and given attention each day, by our dedicated staff members. If you have a bonded pair of the same animal, these will be housed together to ensure they feel safe and secure.

Prices vary dependent on animal and is charged per night of your pet’s stay, with bonded animals receiving a discount.


Rates per night:

Two adorable rabbits

Single Rabbit – £4.50                              

Pair of bonded Rabbits – £5.50        

A Guinea Pig


Single Guinea Pig – £3.50

 Pair of bonded Guinea Pigs – £4.50

Long-haired Hamster

Single Mouse/Hamster/Gerbil – £2.25

Bonded Mice/Hamsters/Gerbils in the same cage – £2.75


Single Rat/Degu – £3

Pair of bonded Rats/Degus – £3.75


Single Chinchilla – £3.50

Pair of bonded Chinchillas – £4.25




Call 01600 715367 to discuss your needs and book in your pet. A deposit is required at time of booking and you will be asked to fill in a form on arrival with your details and the needs of your pet.

Please note, we will always try and accommodate your pet, but at busy holiday times of the year we require plenty of notice.