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James & Steel - Antlers Chews - XLarge (150-220g)

SKU: 533190006489


The Full Wild Antler from James & Steel Dog Chews are a 100% natural dog treat. Our antlers are grade AA & A that are gathered every year after our deer naturally shed their antlers. They are a high quality treat that are packed with natural nutrients and low in fat to suit older dogs as well as all other ages. They help to promote optimum dental hygiene and will keep your pup entertained.

  • 100% natural dog chew toy
  • Suitable for young, adult and elderly dogs with weaker teeth
  • The antlers are gathered every year after naturally shedding
  • Low in fat and high in natural nutrients and mineral
  • Promotes good dental hygiene 
  • Available in 5 different weight sizes
  • long lasting


Full Wild Antler Sizes

Small: 50-75g

Medium: 75-100g

Large: 100-150g

X Large: 150-220g

XX Large: 220g- 300g