Support Ukrainian Pets -- PUPDATE --

Support Ukrainian Pets  -- PUPDATE --
Unfortunately, today (25/3/22) We will not be able to continue collecting for 'Support Ukrainian Pets' we have had a good response from our customers, the community and online.
Thank you to everyone who has donated at our stores and purchased Mystery Boxes online. All together the estimated value of the Pet food, Treats, Accessories & Bedding came to over £3300
Thank you and congratulations to Danielle, Pete and the Wyesham Christian fellowship for the hard work they have done making it possible
It is possible we will be collecting more going forward when we have a premises available for storage and sorting. We will post here and on Facebook if it will continue.
Thank you everyone 💙💛


--- PUPDATE ---

Through our first wave we had an overwhelming response and support from our local customers, businesses and our online heros. see below some of the pictures of behind the scenes of the hard work the volunteers have done over the last week (well done to everyone involved)


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