Getting a Rat

Getting a Rat

Rats make great family pets. They are intelligent and interactive and become tame when handled correctly. There are many different colours of rat from white or albino to hooded, Agouti and Cinnamon, as well as the Rex variety of rat which has a curly coat. Rats are social animals and we strongly recommend keeping them in single sex pairs or groups so that they are able to interact.


  • A large cage with separate levels is ideal for your pet rat. Most importantly, it must be escape proof!
  • Rats enjoy a varied environment with branches, tunnels and ropes.
  • Clean out your rat’s cage completely once a week.



  • At PAWS we suggest using an absorbent bedding material such as Carefresh or Back 2 Nature for your rat’s cage.
  • Provide your rat with a nest box full of soft shredded paper.
  • Never use shredded newspapers or magazines in your rat’s cage as the ink used in the printing process is toxic.
  • Never use wood shavings in your rat’s cage as this causes respiratory problems.



  • Rats enjoy a varied diet. We recommend a complete rat mix as the basis of your pet’s diet such as Reggie Rat Complete food.
  • Supplement your rat’s diet with small amounts of fruit and the occasional boiled egg.
  • Rats enjoy gnawing on a mineral block or salt lick. You can buy these from our shop.
  • Provide clean, fresh drinking water daily from a gravity-fed bottle.




  • Stroke your rat and be sure it is facing you.
  • Cup both hands around the rat and pick it up.
  • Concentrate: rats are quick and can jump out of your hands!
  • Never pick up your rat by the tail.

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