Caring for the Wildlife - Badgers

Caring for the Wildlife - Badgers

At PAWS, as well as helping you care for your domestic pet, we also want to help you look after the wildlife you might find in your back garden.

In Britain, we are extremely lucky to have so much wildlife around us and there are a number of ways we can help the animals that come into our gardens in their hunt for food. The type of garden you have will determine the type of wildlife it will attract. A garden with few plants, trees and grass will attract less wildlife than one with lots of hedges and flowering plants which provide food and shelter. Ponds will attract insects and amphibians, while compost heaps can be a great shelter for hedgehogs.


Badgers grow to around 90cm in length and have characteristic black and white stripes on their head. These animals are nocturnal and are rarely seen in urban areas. They spend a lot of their time in their ‘sett’ – a large maze of tunnels and passageways where they live. Nevertheless, during the summer months they sometimes wander into gardens and across roads looking for food.






  • insects
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • bulbs

How to attract Badgers into your garden

Put out a tasty nibbly treat of raisins and peanuts


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