Beaphar - Lactol Puppy Milk Replacer - 500g

Beaphar - Lactol Puppy Milk Replacer - 500g


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Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk Replacement is the perfect milk replacement to feed orphaned, newborn or weaning puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs and sick or convalescing animals. This complete and highly nutritional product contains vitamins, minerals and DHA and Lactol, all very important for a healthy grow and development of your pet.

This milk replacement contains DHA, a fatty acid found in breast milk that plays a key role in the dog's cognitive development and visual acuity. It also includes Lactol a superior amino acid that also resembles the natural bitch's milk and also enriched with minerals and vitamins for a perfect and balance diet. 

Thanks to an ultra-filtration and a slow drying process, this milk concentrates the proteins molecules, making this product more nutritionally valuable.