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API - Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit

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SKU: 317163134016
  • Tests for high-range pH, ammonia, nitrite & nitrate
  • It protects saltwater aquarium fish & invertebrates
  • This four-in-one test kit comes with four test tubes
  • Includes waterproof holding tray for testing bottles
  • Includes test tube rack and complete instructions

Maintain a healthy saltwater aquarium free from dangerous chemical levels with API's Saltwater Master Test Kit. This easy-to-use kit quickly tests water four different ways to protect marine fish and invertebrates from dangerous water conditions, including high-range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. API's Saltwater Master Test Kit offers accurate professional results every time. This four-in-one test kit comes with four test tubes, a waterproof holding tray for testing bottles, a test tube rack and complete instructions. Simply use the test tube to collect a water sample, add the provided solution for the specific test, shake and check your results against the color-coded chart. Each kit features more than 550 tests. Test the water in your tank once a week to make sure the levels are stable and to prevent harmful effects on your fish and aquatic environment.

Since 1964, MARS Fishcare has been a player in the aquatics industry, manufacturing and supplying aquarium and pond products through their API, Rena, PondCare and Aquarian brands. The company's product portfolio includes everything from algaecides, medications and supplements to water conditioners, canister and power filters. The North American aquatics company is credited with the development of the API Easy Care Guide to help hobbyists care for and extend the life of their aquatic pets. Their comprehensive program breaks down fishkeeping into six easy-to-follow steps: start up and water changes, adding fish, regular care, plant care, solving water problems, and solving fish problems. MARS Fishcare also produces aquarium test kits and other aquarium accessories.