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Cat Mate - Adapter Kit For 360 Cat Flap Walls And Glass Panels

SKU: 35368003615

This paintable adapter kit enables easy installation into walls and glass panels for the following products: Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap (Ref. 360), Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap (Ref. 359) and Cat Mate Rotary 4 Way Locking Cat Flap (Ref. 358). For glass installation, you will need a glazier to cut a 263mm (10 3/8") diameter hole in the panel. For wall installation, the Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner (Ref. 308) will be required (available separately). NOTE: For installation into existing double/triple glazing or toughened glass, a new panel will be required. Kit contains: 2 x adapter plates; 1 x tunnel adapter; 1 x adapter seal; 4 x screw hole covers; 4 x screw hole inserts.


  • Enables easy installation into walls and glass panels.
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions.
  • Paintable, to blend adapter plates in with surrounding decor.
  • Supplied with a rubber adapter seal for a fully weatherproofed installation.
  • For use with Cat Mate Cat Flap model numbers 358, 359 & 360 only.
  • Allows easy installation into walls and glass panels.