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Interpet - Ammonia Remover 125ML - Fish Treatment

SKU: 755349005505

Makes aquarium water safe for fish by removing toxic ammonia

Quickly get ammonia levels back to the only safe level, zero


Key features

• Reduces ammonia which is lethal for fish
• Can be re-dosed after two hours, if required
• Safe for tropical and coldwater aquariums


Product overview

Ammonia is a lethal toxic waste product excreted by fish; bacteria in biological filters usually breakdown the toxic Ammonia into less harmful compounds. If this biological process fails, you can help by chemically removing the ammonia. The only way to detect ammonia is by using a test kit, ammonia levels should always be kept at zero.
Ammonia Remover can also be used after TapSafe to remove harmful chloramine from tap water.
Always re-test the water (using a Salicylate test) after treating to ensure levels are reduced to zero.
Use our dosage calculator to work out the volume required for your aquarium. Find out more about reducing ammonia in the aquarium.
It is NOT necessary to remove the carbon from your filter when using this product