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Ancol - Dog Cooling Coat - Small (30cm)

SKU: 5016646097927

Help your dog to stay cool this summer with an Ancol Dog Cooling Coat.

Once the coat has been submerged in water, the lightweight polyester/cotton material willl retain the cooling moisture for several hours before it dries out and requires reactivation, helping your dog to maintain a more comfortable body temperature on hot days. To activate or reactivate the cooling properties of the vest, it needs to be submerged in water for a minute, then gently wrung out to remove excess water and shaken to help it to maintain it's shape.

The plastic packaging is a re-usable Ziplock bag, which can be used to store the coat, including when it is already damp - perfect for long walks or days out.

The Ancol Cooling Vest is machine washable and is anti-bacterial. The vest is fitted on to your dog by putting it over his or her head, then fastening to velcro belly strap to secure snugly.

Sizing Guide (cm): Collar to Tail

  • XS 25cm
  • S 30cm
  • M 40cm
  • L 50cm
  • XL 60cm
  • XXL 70cm