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Ancol - Warning (Respect My Space) Bandana - Yellow - M/L

SKU: 5016646018519

Designed to keep you, your dog and other’s around you safe, the ANCOL Warning Bandana alerts others to the fact your dog needs SPACE, helping to ensure they respect your dog’s boundaries.

The ideal accessory for nervous or anxious dogs, those with aggressive tendencies, those in training and more, the ANCOL Warning Bandana is an easy hook and loop bandana with clear instruction and bright, bold colouring. This helps to ensure it is not missed, even from a distance, keeping other dog walkers and passers-by fully informed about your dog’s needs.  It helps to allow a more stress-free walk for you and your dog, and is made with high quality polyester with clear imprinting of CAUTION PLEASE RESPECT MY SPACE, providing a function alert bandana that is long-lasting, machine washable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

  • An ideal alert bandana for dogs that may be nervous, fearful, anxious, require space, have aggressive tendencies or are in training
  • Provides clear and precise warning to other dog-walkers and passers-by
  • Keeps others around you fully informed about your dog’s needs
  • Made with 100% polyester, in bright, bold yellow so it cannot be missed
  • Informs others not to attempt to touch or pet your dog
  • Machine washable for convenience and long lasting use
  • Simple hook and loop attachment, connecting to your dog’s collar
  • Helps to ensure a stress-free walk for you and your dog
  • Displays “CAUTION PLEASE RESPECT MY SPACE” for clear instruction to others around you
Available in two sizes (approximate measurements):
  • Small/Medium 21cm
  • Medium/Large 36cm