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Interpet - Aquarium Fish Safe - 100ml

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Gold Fish Safe 100ml

Helps stop your goldfish becoming unwell.

Stabilises water quality by removing ammonia and adding essential tonic salt.


Key features

  • Removes harmful chemicals and waste for a healthier environment
  • Freshens water and acts as a tonic to your goldfish
  • Easy to use with simple to follow instructions
  • Treat 57 litres (100 pints) - enough for about 10-12 doses

    Product overview

    Dont let your goldfish suffer in a nasty, stale tank. Its no wonder that swimming around in their own waste makes goldfish very unwell and can even kill them. So fight back against the filth with Interpet Gold Fish Safe. Added just once a week, this little wonder freshens the water and acts as a tonic to your goldfish, giving them extra zing. Fish Safe is very easy to use; measure the volume of your tank, bowl or orb and add the correct dose using the supplied pipette or cap. One pipette treats 0.45 litres (1 pint) and one capful treats 2.05 litres (4.5 pints). Use 2 days after a weekly water change. 100ml will keep your goldfish in clean water for around 10-12 treatments