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Armitage - Good Boy Festive Treats Gift Box For Dogs

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Surprise your pup with this special Good Boy Festive Treats Giftbox! Treat your furry friend to a festive surprise with this adorable gift box. Filled with delicious treats that your pup will love, this gift is sure to make your furry friend's day! 

This festive treat gift box is the perfect treat to entertain your pooch well into the new year. The gift box contains chicken bits, meaty swirls and biscuit bones. Also included are 5 munchy rolls and a squeaky toy for added entertainment.

Chicken Bites
Meat Swirls
Biscuit Bones
Munchie Rolls
1 x Squeaky toy

  • Perfect Christmas gift for your dog
  • Multipack, packed with all your dogs favourites
  • Squeaky toy