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Beco Spork - Eco Friendly Bamboo Spoon / Fork with Extra Long Handle - Blue

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Pet food mashing spork, made from plant based materials.

The Bamboo Mashing Spork from Beco Pets is perfect for mashing and scooping food from tins, trays and packs. It is made from plant based materials, including bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks.


The Beco Pets Bamboo Mashing Spork has a long handle and rounded corner, allowing you to dig out every last morsel of your pet’s dinner. The hole in the middle of the Spork is so you can mash up their delicious meal into bite size pieces.

The Spork is made from 100% plant based materials. It is very hard wearing and will last for years. It is easy to clean in hot soapy water, and is dishwasher friendly (place on the top shelf at a low temperature).


Environmental Details

We know how difficult it can be to tell how much of an impact what you are buying has on the environment, and what effect switching to a more sustainable product has, so we have found out and compiled all of this information for you below.

The Mashing Spork is made from a 100% plant based biohybrid material comprising of bamboo powder, PLA resin (plant based plastic), cornstarch and rice husks.

The Bamboo Mashing Spork is made using 100% plant based materials, unlike other products which are made from oil based plastic. Although the Spork does contain PLA, this type of plastic is made from plants, not oil. It is far more eco-friendly than conventional plastics as it is made from a by-product of the food industry and creates less far emissions when manufactured than conventional oil based plastics.

The Spork comes packaged on a recyclable cardboard header card.

The Mashing Spork is very hard wearing and should last for years. When it is time to dispose of it, it should be placed in with your general waste. Although the Spork is made from 100% plant based materials, the way that the materials are combined means that it will not compost.