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Beco - Millie the Mouse Plush - Cat Toy

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SKU: 5060189752195
  • Super soft plush toy
  • Squeaker inside
  • Double stitched for extra durability
  • Filled with cat nip to entice your cat
  • Great for cuddling


Stuffed with North American Catnip

Known for making cat happy and relaxed, Catnip creates a pleasure inducing experience when cats interact with it.

We chose one of the strongest and most popular strains of catnip to fill our Beco Plush toys for cats. We provide only the best for your pets.


Double Stitched for Extra Strength

Sharp teeth and claws will find it difficult to get through our recycled PPT fabric and double stitched toys. We have enforced Mille, Bertie and Freddie with double stitched seams so that they last longer and look better.


Made from Recycled PPT!

While we are known for using natural materials, we have chosen to use recycled plastic bottles to both cover and fill our plush toys. This material would have otherwise been thrown into landfill but instead creates a sustainable way to reuse our waste resources. The durability and tactility of our Beco Family range is a bonus too!