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Rosewood - Boredom Breaker Folding Wire Hayrack

SKU: 5025659192895
  • JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL: Fix to wire door at your pets perfect height
  • SAVES MONEY: Keeps hay fresh and stop it from being fouled
  • EASY SETUP: Hooks on to wire central hutch mesh or hutch doors
  • FOR ALL SMALL PETS: Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs
  • MULTI-USE: Includes a hanger for mineral wheels etc

This folding rack is an ideal way to offer your Rabbit and Guinea Pigs hay.

It reduces how much hay gets wasted and is more sanitary and cleaner than throwing hay on the floor of their home. The hay rack is chew resistant and even has a hanger which will hold standard salt or mineral wheels.

Simply hook onto the central wire panel or wired door.

Please keep this hay rack topped up at all times, and consider two or more racks placed in different locations if you have more than one or two pets.