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Boredom Breaker - Natural Treats Double Woodroll

SKU: 5025659194509

Rosewood Pet Products Boredom Breaker Naturals Double Woodroll

Your pets perfect 'salad bar'. The Rosewood Double Woodrool is two chunky rolls of carrot and parsley on a gnawable wooden roll. Great for dental health and reducing boredom. Hang in your pets home or remove the metal hooks and leave to roll around. Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and most other small furries

Key Benefits

  • Tasty delicious double woodroll treat with handy hanging hooks
  • Two flavours in one roll, carrot and parsley
  • Suitable for most small animals, NOT DEGUS
  • All natural product

Feeding Guide

As will all treats offer sparingly to chinchillas. Not suitable for Degus



Wood, carrots (12%), parsley (6%), red millet, yellow millet, vegetable starch, wheat