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Cats Best Okoplus - Clumping Cat Litter - 5l / 2.5kg

SKU: 4002973000861

Cat’s Best Original uses the power of technologically refined active wood fibres as a clumping litter. These are manufactured using the new ICS Wood Fibre Technology** process. Liquids and odours are absorbed particularly effectively and encapsulated deep inside – up to 7 times their own weight. Therefore Cat’s Best Original can remain in the litter box for up to 5 weeks before a complete change is necessary.

* Please observe local disposal regulations
** Intelligent Capillary System


Cat hygiene with Cat’s Best – a clean affair

No trees are felled for Cat’s Best, because Cat’s Best is made from sustainable, PEFC certified secondary wood raw materials from the timber industry. Unlike mineral cat litter, Cat’s Best uses short transport routes, is much more economical in use and is completely biodegradable.



Stops odours
 Long lasting (1 Cat)
 Toilet flushable*