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Cj Paris - Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder - 380mm

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The CJ Wildlife Paris Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder is a large feeder which is suitable for smaller birds, but keeps squirrels and larger birds out, meaning your feathered friends will enjoy the food.

The feeder can be filled with a variety of seeds and is easy to fill, this is done by unclipping the lid with the metal catch.

It is made from robust, green powder-coated metal which can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Strong and robust
4 ports
Easy to clean
Squirrel and large bird proof
Dimensions: H 380 x D 200mm

*A Note On Squirrel Protection

This feeder can only protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds. Some birds may not fit through the bars but could manage to get their head into the feeder. Adolescent young squirrels could squeeze into the feeder due to their flexibility. The young squirrels look very similar to adults. This is a temporary seasonal issue.

You may also find that adolescent jackdaws, crows and pigeons may find their way in. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would pose a risk to the birds.

A deterrent of chilli flakes mixed in with the nuts or seeds will deter the squirrels whilst being completely harmless to the birds.