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Komodo - Compact Lamp UVB 2.0 ES 26W

SKU: 701029822719

Natural Sunlight 2% UVB
for fuller spectrum daytime light.

UVB for Small Vivariums

Compact lamps are the ideal for use in small enclosures up to around 600mm/2ft in length.

Requiring no external ballast electronics, these lamps can be fitted into regular screw fit lamp holders. They�re energy efficient too, emitting very little heat and use less power than UVB tubes.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for reptiles not requiring high levels of UVB
  • High output of UVA rays which promotes vision, appetite and the immune system
  • UVB enables production of some vitamin D3 for healthy bones
  • Bright, cool, white light output, with excellent colour rendition
  • Compact design saves space and energy, use horizontally
  • Energy and light efficient, less power demand than tubes
  • E27 screw cap fitting, no ballast required

Which wattage? Choose higher wattage lamps for larger enclosures e.g. 15W for enclosures up to 300mm and 26W for enclosures up to 600mm.