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Custom Engraved Pet Tag - Small Disc

SKU: 3000379

Style: Small Disc
Use: Pet Tag - ID Tag - Charm
Size: 22 x 22mm
Thickness: 0.9mm
Base Material: Brass
Colour/Design: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Silver, Gold, Brass
Engraving: Single or Double sided
Compatibility: iMarc engraved
Accessory Supplied: Split ring


A good quality solid brass dog tag is one of the best ways to identify your dog, our deep engraved and Silver lettering on coloured background means your dog tag is easily read in the event your dog is lost.

All pet tags are made from 0.9mm thick polished brass and are engraved in our factory environment before being packaged and delivered directly to you. Our dog tags can be engraved on both sides of the tag for an extra £1 charge.

On the round dog tag we can engrave up to 3 lines on each side of the tag. More lines can be added but could make the font harder to read.


When ordering

Please ensure we have a contact number so we can contact you if needed to discuss your pets tag.


Your dog tag is supplied with a durable steel split ring, this is fitted to your tag before being attached to the D ring on your dogs collar. It is important that the dogs lead is clipped to the original D ring and not the tag fixing ring, they are high quality but are not intended to withstand the pull of a dog.

What to put on the tag?

  • Your surname (Required by law)
  • House number and street name (Required by law)
  • Post code (Required by law)
  • Phone Numbers Mobile Recommended (To quickly reunite you and your dog)
  • "Microchipped" (To quickly reunite you and your dog and to deter thieves)
  • "Neutured" (To deter thieves)


What we do not recommend you put on the tag

  • The Dogs Name (If your dog is stolen in the park and the thieves are stopped by the police the dog will interact with the thieves because they know the dogs name - using a surname will confuse the dog and alert the police if they are looking for your dog) - Only time your dog should have its name on a tag is when you are taking them to a kennels.