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Defenders - Rabbit & Wild Animal Repellent - 50g

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Defenders Rabbit and Wild Animal Repellent, 50g of a soluble formula that makes 9 Litres, this product deters damage in gardens by rabbits and other wild animals. For use only as a home and garden animal and bird repellent. Apply this product under dry conditions and ensure that the spray deposit dries on the crop/plants/area to be protected. If irain occurs before the deposit dries reapplication will be necessary. Ideally defender rabbit and wild animal should be used as soon as damage/fouling is observed but repeat applications may be necessary if damage or fouling persists. Food crops - can be sprayed and harvested on the same day but should be washed prior to eating.

Directions for use:

50g of defenders rabbit and wild animal repellent is sufficient to make 9 litres of spray solution

Empty the sachet into a clean container and add sufficient lukewarm water to ensure that the powder is completely dissolved

Make up the solution to 9 litres with cold water and apply immediately, Stir before use.

The solution can be applied either with a watering can fitted with a fine rose or through suitable spraying equipment

To repel rabbits this quantity of solution will treat 32m squared