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Dog Rocks - Lawn Burn Supplement - 200g

SKU: 9335986000012
Dog Rocks is the all natural way straight from Australia to help reduce the effects of grass burn caused by your dog urinating on your lawn.

Made from an Australian paramagnetic igneous rock, Dog Rocks should be placed within your dogs water bowl, and lasts up to 2 months.

This needs to be your dog's main water source, as additional water from other sources can dilute the results.

After using the product for 5 weeks, you will start to notice a change in your lawns appearance, new lawn burn patches should not appear.

Dog Rocks is an all natural product, as such the product may vary in size and properties.

If you feed your dog a raw diet you may find Dog Rocks less effective.

This is due to a raw diet being high in protein which when digested forms nitrates.

Dog Rocks work by filtering out nitrates and other impurities from your dog's drinking water; by feeding a raw meat diet the nitrates will still be present in your dog's urine via their diet.

Feeding your dog an all raw diet and using Dog Rocks will not cause a problem with your dog, however you may still experience lawn burns and may require a higher dosage.