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Dogit - Go-Slow (Anti Gulp) Bowl - Black - Med

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The Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowl helps prolong feeding time for dogs who gobble their dinner.

If you have a dog that gulps down their food you will know that this can result in vomiting and bloating, causing problems with digestive health, this innovative dog bowl has been designed to help eliminate these problems. The raised areas make it harder for your dog to feed or drink, which in turn reduces the intake of air and reduces negative effects on digestion. Easy To Clean Dog Food Dish The vibrant bright blue design is fun and friendly and it s been manufactured to be easy to keep clean and dishwasher proof, the rubber non slip rim also helps the bowl stay still and the ergonomic groove handle on the side makes it easy for you to pick up once your dog is done! Hagan Dog It Go-Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish Prevents dog from gulping their food Helps prevent GDV (bloat) & indigestion 1.2ltr Large dog food dish Easy to clean, dishwasher safe