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Doodlebone - Boomerang Originals Harness - Violet - Size 6-7

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Doodlebone® Originals Boomerang Dog Harnesses – on and off in a jiffy!

If there’s a simpler harness to get on and off your dog we haven’t seen it!

Our Originals Boomerang Harness combines the padding of our soft airmesh material with straight-forward ease-of-use.

Like our Snappy Harness Boomerang is great for dogs who aren’t cool with things going over the head. You simply lay it on the floor for your doggie to step into and then pull it up to fasten on their back. Easy. Peasy. (Lemon squeezy?).



Breathable, adjustable, lovable!

We’re really fond of this product and it’s a popular choice for dogs and owners who are new to the idea of a harness.

We’ve put a lot of work into getting our sizing just right so it’s easier for you to select the perfect size for your loveable friend! Our new designs are available in four sizes to be an even better fit so safer, more secure and more comfortable for your pet. Reflective webbing ensures better visibility at night and we've even added stitched webbing down the middle for extra strength and security.

Super easy to fit, simply step in, pull up and clip at the dogs back, ideal for dogs who don’t like items passing over their heads. Both chest and tummy straps ensure security whilst our Airmesh fabric offers breathability. Reflective webbing ensures top visibility for night time walks


Strong design features

The buckles on Boomerang are good and strong; as with all our products, they’ve been rigorously tested. The D-rings are also made to be really durable.

It's fully machine washable for years of colourful good looks, and every one comes with a fuss-free lifetime guarantee.

Talking of colour, there are now 11 lovely shades to mix and match across the Originals range. If your dog fancies a bit more design style, there are 11 snazzy patterns too. Of course, you’ll need to use a lead with your harness; we have a great choice of styles and colours