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Doodlebone - Originals Collar - Fuchsia - Size 3-6

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As an essential accessory for any dog owner, you need a durable dog collar that’s safe as well as looking great on your dog. 


Very easily adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Easily adjustable 

  • Strong material to ensure durability

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees

  • Available in 11 colours & 11 patterns


The every day dog collar 

We think that the Doodlebone® Originals Dog Collar is the bee’s knees of collars! Strong Polyester webbing and reinforced stitching means our heavy duty dog collar will last the course. A machine-washable dog collar at 30 degrees makes it easy-peasy to clean - if your dog likes to be a mucky pup. And our range of sizes has been carefully thought through to fit any dog.

It also comes with our no quibble returns lifetime guarantee. So you can’t go wrong!

It really ticks all the boxes.

A rainbow of collar colours

Why not mix ’n’ match? We’ve a choice of 11 luscious Doodlebone® colours for ultimate coordination across the range as well as five fab new patterns which cross-match beautifully. The same prints and colours are available in our Airmesh and Snappy Harness collections too. Truly irresistible!

Right size dog collars 

Getting the right size collar for your dog is really important for comfortable and safe walkies. Like Goldilock’s porridge it needs to be just right!

Our design team measured over 300 dogs of all shapes and sizes to allow us to improve our sizing. The result is a better fit for your dog and a size that will suit pretty much any type of dog; short, tall, long, big and small! 

Here’s our size guide as a … guide! 

More choice

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