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Doodlebone - Originals Pattern Lead - Cherish the Stars (Pink) - 15mm

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Doodlebone® Originals Pattern Dog Lead – spice up your outings! 

  • Available in 3 widths to suitably match your chosen width of collar/harness.
  • Strong Polyester webbing ensures durability
  • Neoprene padded handle ensures user comfort

Based on our super-efficient Originals Dog Lead this lead adds a little bit of snazz to your dog’s day!

Designed to match our punchy new collar range these collars certainly deliver when it comes to practicality, durability, comfortability and exclusivity! 

We’ve added a splash of pattern to our leads! 11 new patterns in fact which work across the Originals range so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Is your doggie a star? Or a party dog? Only you will know!

If you’re a real fashionista, you might consider a matching collar and harness to complete the full look. (Makes a great gift too to the doggie love of your life!)

The Doodlebone® Originals Pattern Dog Lead has a soft Neoprene® padding lines the grip. Its hard-wearing Polyester webbing and reinforced stitching means it will last a jolly long time with normal use. We promise a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured it’s a worry-free purchase.

It comes in three different widths because dogs come in different sizes too and stretches to 150cm in length with a sturdy metal clip as standard. 


Training your dog

Training your dog to walk comfortably on a lead is probably one of the most important things it can learn. A conventional collar and clipped on lead set-up works well with most dogs but a harness can be a really good way to start, particularly with a small dog or puppy as it creates less strain on a dog’s neck.

All dogs, even within breeds, are different shapes and sizes. In a huge makeover, our design team measured over 300 dogs to allow us to create an even better sizing system. The result is improved fit and a size that will suit pretty much any type of dog; short, tall, long, big and small! This completely new sizing structure now ranges from 1-11, instead of XS-XL as previously, meaning more choice for everyone. Well every dog!To find the right size for your dog, first measure your dog’s neck girth and breast girth and then use our handy size generator. You can double check your dog’s size on the table below