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Ancol - Ergo Grooming Glove

SKU: 5016646043580

The Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove is a simple way of effectively removing large amounts of loose hair. When used on a dry coat, the material of the glove will pull away loose hair while massaging the dog's skin. The glove can also be used on a wet coat, the thick rubber knobbles will massage in shampoo for a thorough clean while removing loose hairs. The grooming glove is ideal for short and medium length coats and is of particular benefit when your dog is moulting.
The Ancol Ergo range has a variety of tools to suit every type of coat and grooming need.


About Ancol

Ancol is an independent, family owned company who specialise in accessories for pets.

From their base in the West Midlands, they have been developing functional and luxurious products for almost 40 years, taking pride in their reputation for exceptional service, quality and reliability.

Ancol strive to learn from their achievements, always looking to the future to develop new and exciting products for pets and their owners. They are continually refining their processes in order to cut down on their carbon footprint.