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Burgess - Excel Forage Feeding Hay - 1kg

SKU: 5023861111628

Burgess Excel Forage is a delicious, complementary food made from barn-dried grass harvested straight from the field. Excel Forage is an excellent source of good quality, long fibre.

Fresh from the farm and straight to the bowl, the Burgess Excel Supa Fresh Forage is a healthy food for rabbits. Made from real barn grass, it is dried to make it last longer. All dust is pre-extracted to prevent any respiratory problems during feeding. Burgess Excel Supa Fresh Forage has high levels of beneficial and crude fibres which contribute to the overall digestive health of your pet.


Key Features:

• Rabbit food made from 100% natural barn grass
• Good source of high quality fibres
• Dried and dust extracted to prevent respiratory problems during feeding
• Alleviates boredom
• Promotes positive foraging behaviour