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Extra Select - Whole Filled Coconut - Mealworm

SKU: 5022245001821

Introducing Extra Select Whole Filled Coconut, the perfect gift for wild garden birds! Not your typical coconut, this one is extra select and enjoyably full-bodied. So don't just give your feathered friends dull ol' hangouts - hook 'em up with an Extra Select Whole Filled Coconut!


Extra Select Whole Filled Coconuts feature a shell filled with suet and mealworm.

Attracts all species of wild bird.

These high energy treats can be fed any time of year, and are particularly popular when the weather turns colder.

These single whole coconuts will look great hanging from a bird table, bird feeding station or even a tree.  Your wild bird visitors will love the suet mix contained within.  These have been cut with an easy to reach opening to allow birds to eat with ease.


Cereals, Human Grade Beef Suet, Seeds, Mealworms