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Komodo - Fluorescent Bulb T8 UVB 10.0 - 25W

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Desert Sun 10% UVB TUBE
for desert reptile species exposed to strong sunlight.

UVB tubes are the most popular choice of UVB lighting. They are suitable for all reptile species that require UVB in all but the largest enclosure sizes. 

10% Komodo UVB tube - for species with HIGH UVB needs such as Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Horsfield's Tortoise, Hermann's Tortoise, Green Iguana, Collared Lizards, Musk Turtle, Mud Turtle, Spiny Tailed Monitor, Uromastyx.

Key Features:

  • For reptiles requiring high levels of UVB
  • High levels of UVA rays promotes vision, appetite and the immune system
  • UVB enables production of vitamin D3 for healthy bones
  • Cool, white light output with excellent colour rendition
  • Linear design distributes light widely and evenly
  • T8 Fluorescent Lighting Controller required

Which wattage?

Higher wattage tubes are suitable for larger vivariums that require more UVB coverage. Provide UVB rays to as much of the enclosure as possible by choosing the best fitting tube.