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Good Boy - Dog Stocking - Large

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Your pup will be so excited to get involved with your celebrations on Christmas morning, especially when you hand them their very own stocking! While the human family members rip open their wrapping paper, your pooch can get stuck into their own pressie. The Good Boy Dog Stocking is stuffed with exciting toys to play with and yummy things to eat. These make a tasty (and healthy) alternative to tidbits from the dinner table. Festive foods are delicious to humans, but really bad for pets: dried fruit and chocolate can make them seriously ill, while cured meats and cheeses are packed with salt and can be quite dangerous. Keep the bags of snacks handy during the day so your four-legged friend can overindulge without the sore tummy. 

A Great Christmas Gift For Dogs, Filled With Yummy Treats & Toy.
Feed As A Treat, Reward Or Training Aid. Always Ensure There Is A Bowl Of Clean, Fresh Water Available. 

hews Should Be Given On Non-Stainable Surfaces.

Dogs Should Be Supervised When Eating Chews.

Not Suitable For Puppies Under 3 Months.
To Be Stored In Cool, Dry Conditions

Chicken Bites - Chicken (60.35%), Plant Protein, Corn Starch, Rawhide, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Salt. Meaty Swirls - Chicken (30%), Beef (30%), Sweet Potato, Fish Meal, Chicken Oil., Biscuit Bites - Wheat Flour (61.34%), Chicken Powder , Sugar , Palm Oil , Water , Salt . Munchy Treat - Rawhide (82%), Starch (18%).