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Good Boy - Puppy Milk Drops - 125g

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Product Description

“Good Boy Choc is made from a specially formulated chocolate substitue suitable for dogs. Normal chocolate can be harmful to dogs.

Safe if accidentally eaten by children. Not suitable for puppies under 3 months.”

A tasty and delicious reward for your puppy made with Good Boy's Dog Safe Milk Choc.

  • Dog Safe Choc Treats
  • Perfect for puppies
  • Great reward for all breeds of dog

Nutritional Info

Oils and Fats, Milk and Milk Derivatives (Milk content min 4%), Various Sugars, Cereals and Minerals. Additives: Sensory: Flavourings

Crude Protein: 4.0%

Fat Content: 26.0%

Crude Fibres: 0.0%

Crude Ash: 7.0%

Calcium: 1.8%