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Walter Harrisons - Ultimate Energy No Mess - 2kg Pouch

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Ultimate Energy No Mess

Suitable for feeding from:


Premium 100% husk free mix is 100% edible leaving no waste#or mess. Packed with high energy Sunflower Hearts, chopped Peanuts, Suet Pellets and Mealworms. It will attract a variety#of birds to your garden all year round. Can be fed from a seed feeder, bird table or on the ground.



Sunflower Hearts, Cut Maize, Peanut Granules, Yellow Millet, Suet Pellets (6%), Mealworms (2%), Soya Oil

Nutritional Information

Protein 17.1%, Fat 27.3%, Fibre 14.6%, Moisture 7.2%, Ash 2.8%

Energy Equivalent

488 KCal/100gms