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Interpet - Deltatherm Heater - 100 watt

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Deltatherm Heater - 100 Watt

Keep your aquarium at exactly the right temperature with this high performing heater.

Keep your fish in prime health with this easy-to-use heater.

Key features

• Easily adjustable for simple operation
• Extra-safe shatter resistant glass
• Easy-to-check on/off light for peace of mind

Product overview

Treating your tropical or marine fish to one of these heaters means the lucky things get to take advantage of our in-depth aquarium heater experience and knowledge. And you get to relax at the thought of the 2-year guarantee and excellent safety credentials.
These heaters are super-reliable, and thanks to the extra-thick safety glass and plastic end cap, are also extra safe.

The positive click-control makes it's easy to adjust the temperature precisely, but as the heater is already set to 24°C you might not find you need to.

• Easy to adjust for simple aquarium care

• Clearly visible on/off light for peace of mind

• Made with heat and shock resistant glass