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Interpet - Tropical Daylight Lamp - 15inch - 14w

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SKU: 755349513086

The perfect daylight fluorescent tube for your tropical aquarium.

Perfect light levels for thriving tropical planted aquariums.


  • Conveniently fits into all traditional T8 fluorescent aquarium lighting fittings
  • Delivers the ideal light spectrum for tropical aquarium communities

    Key features

    • Stimulates tropical daylight for a healthier aquarium environment
    • Promotes healthy plant growth
    • Enhances fish colours for your enjoyment
    • Unique triphosphor mix
    • Replace annually for the best light quality in your aquarium

    Product overview

    Don't let your aquarium down with a substandard lamp; let it thrive and enjoy it at its best. With unparalleled performance these great value fluorescent lamps are just the job for a beautiful aquarium.
    Your fish will glow with beauty thanks to the way this lamp enhances red colours. and your aquarium will look sparkling clean for longer - algae doesn't stand a chance with this lamp which reduces the section of the light spectrum that encourages algae growth.
    This versatile lamp is suitable for both coldwater and tropical aquariums which have artificial décor or plants that require low light levels.
    Replace the T8 Lamp every 12 months for the best possible performance for your aquarium.