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Interpet - AirVOLUTION Air Pump - AV3

SKU: 755349025084

AirVolution Air Pump - AV3 (excludes Airline & Airstone)

A quiet and powerful air pump to suit any aquarium or air feature.

Perfect for a room that demands a quiet and unobstrusive air pump which doesn't compromise on performance.


• Stylish, discreet case looks good and suits most décor schemes

• Anti-vibration feet keep noise at a minimum making this perfect for studies, bedrooms and anywhere you watch TV or listen to music

• Quality moulded case to absorb sound letting you enjoy your fish in peace


Key features

• Ultra-quiet operation is perfect for studies and bedrooms
• Small pump, high performance
• Carbon air filter included for clean healthy water
• Ideal for medium to large aquariums

Product overview

When you install an Interpet Airvolution Aquarium Air Pump, it's not just your fish who'll be getting a treat.
Your fish will flourish with the fresh, clean air this airpump provides them with, and you'll be delighted at the almost silent operation.
Airvolution air pumps are carefully built to avoid any excess noise. They have an inlet noise suppressing chamber and tubing and a high quality moulded case to absorb sound. Anti-vibration feet add to the list of ways this hard-working air pump keeps itself quiet for you. And it doesn't only sound good; it looks good too. The stylish and discreet case is good-looking enough for you to keep out in the open if you choose.
And of course, your fish will be delighted. Powerful air flow keeps the water well aerated, and a combination of fine white and carbon filters mean better air quality to keep your fish happy and healthy.
The AV range is suitable for powering an aquarium filter from 46 cm (18") long to 150cm (60") long, as well as a range of different airstones or airwalls.
If you have large/messy fish, marines, goldfish or fish which prefer strong water movement, then choose a more powerful air pump.
Available in 5 sizes (Mini, One, Two, Three and Four)