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Interpet - Anti Bacteria Aquarium Fish Treatment - 100 ml

SKU: 755349505692

Anti Internal Bacteria Plus – 100ml

Treat systemic bacteria infections.

Includes market leading breakthrough formulas for the best results.


Key features

  • Patented formula
  • Halts progress of bacterial problems

  • Product overview

    Internal bacterial infections are common but have always been hard to treat, needing antibiotics prescribed by your vet. Not any more! Say "hello" to healthy fish and "goodbye" to the expense and inconvenience of getting a vets prescription. Anti Internal Bacteria is a breakthrough non-prescription product. It halts the progress of bacterial problems in your aquarium and prevents them from spreading. Use for combating outbreaks of internal bacterial infections for example Aeromona and Pseudomonas sp. in your aquarium. Use our online Dosage Calculator for your exact dosing requirements.
    Dosage 1ml per 10L
    Treats 503 Litres
    Aquarium size All