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Interpet - Anti Crustacean Aquarium Fish Treatment - 100ml

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Anti Crustacean Parasite Plus – 100ml

Eradicate visible parasites for a healthier aquarium.

Includes market leading breakthrough formulas for the best results.


Key features

  • Controls large visible parasites such as anchor worm, fish lice, gill maggots and leeches

    Product overview

    Its a fact of fishy life that there are some nasty parasites out there that like to bother your aquariums community. Fight back with Anti Crustacean Parasite. Especially developed to rid your aquarium of anchor worm, fish lice, gill maggots and fish leeches. Left untreated they can cause life-threatening damage and so should be eradicated quickly. Use for removing visible parasites such as fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernaea), fish leeches (Piscicola) and gill maggots (Ergasilus) from your aquarium. Do not use with scaleless fish or invertebrates. Use our online Dosage Calculator for your exact dosing requirements.
    Dosage 1ml per 5L
    Treats 504 Litres
    Aquarium size All