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Interpet - Feeeze Dried Tubifex - 5g

SKU: 755349004300

Supplement your fishes' diet with these convenient and quality freeze dried foods.

Easy-to-use top quality fish food for a balanced and healthy diet.

Key Features:

  • Super-convenient freeze-dried food for easy use
  • Conveniently floats at the top of the tank so your fish can feed for longer
  • Decontaminated to keep your fish free from disease


Interpet Freeze Dried Tubifex 5g

As a favorite treat for marine fish, tropical fish and cold water fish, Interpet's Freeze Dried Tubifex which has been treated with gamma rays to remove all contaminants and risk of disease, is a pathogen-free nutritious food for your aquatic fish. The 5g tub is sealed in an airtight container to prevent air, moisture and light damage.

Interpet Freeze Dried Tubifex worms are high in vitamins, proteins and minerals - all of which are locked in until they are consumed. 

In order to keep on top of a healthy balanced diet, Interpet Freeze Dried Tubifex comes in a convenient cube form, making it easy to administer them as treats or as part of a staple diet.


At a Glance:

Size: 5g

Suitable for marine fish, tropical fish and cold water fish

High in proteins, vitamins and minerals

Ads variety and interest to your fish's diet

Air tight sealed container to protect against air, moisture and sun damage

Cube-form for easy administration

Can be fed as part of a staple diet or as a treat

Pathogen free