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Interpet - Green Away Treatment - 125ml

SKU: 755349551149

Clear away ugly green water with this specialist treatment.

Plant and fish friendly.


Key features

• Fast acting for speedy aquarium maintenance
• Enhances mechanical filtration with its clever clumping mechanism

Product overview

Green water isn't a good look for aquariums. It doesn't only look horrible, it's really bad for your fish too. Excessive light or nutrients can trigger this ugly and potentially dangerous algal bloom in your aquarium which can affect oxygen and pH levels. This makes the water highly alkaline and potentially dangerous for your fish.
But help is at hand. Green Away neatly clumps the suspended algal particles so they can be trapped by your filter or sink to the bottom and be syphoned off when you do your next water change.
Use for treating Green Water or "Pea Soup", and remove unsightly brown or green algae suspended in your aquarium.
Use our online Dosage Calculator for your exact dosing requirements.