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Interpet - Internal Cartridge Filter Service Kit - Cf2 - Three Month

SKU: 755349023202

Internal Cartridge Filter CF2 – 3 Month Service Kit

Filter cartridge replacement pack to keep your CF filter working hard for you.

Keep your aquarium clean and healthy without getting your hands dirty.


Key features

  • Easy fit for no-hassle filter changes
  • Convenient monthly use
  • Specific for each model of CF filter
  • Includes unique algae stopper pad
  • Product overview

    Enjoy drama-free filter changes with this easy-change filter cartridge for your CF Internal Cartridge filter. This service pack has everything you need to keep your CF Internal Cartridge Filter in tip-top condition for 3 months. It contains: 3 x high quality filter cartridges to keep your filter working hard, and 3 x Algaway Pads to help keep algae at a minimum. Replace your filter cartridge every month for a healthy, clean and algae-free aquarium.