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Mikki - Behave Rite - Two Tone Whistle

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Get your dog's attention!

Our two tone whistle is a high and low pitch whistle that is sure to make your dog sit up and listen!

  • Consistent cue makes training more reliable
  • Pitch clip design
  • Neck cord to keep your whistle ready to use

  • Key Features

    A dog whistle can be a great asset to your training tool kit, if you learn how to train it properly. A whistle always has the same consistant tone (it doesn't get frustrated!) and can be heard for greater distances than the human voice. Start by choosing a pattern e.g. pip-pip-pip for your dog to respond to and decide what you want it to mean, such as come to me. Then build an association with your dog by blowing the pattern when your dog is already close to you and offering your dog a tasty treat everytime. Once your dog is knows that your whistle pattern means something great is about to happen, start to add a little difficulty by increasing the distance and allowing your dog to move towards you to receive their treat. Practice this in as many different rooms of your home as you can, before venturing outdoors and trying in low distraction environments such as safely on your drive or garden. USe a long line if you need to to ensure your dog's safety. Increase and decrease the difficulty using distance before adding in any distractions. Even Olympic athletes don't hit a PB everytime they train, so don't expect your dog to. By varying the difficult your dog can feel like a champ and keep their motivation to keep trying and growing. All dog training is thin layers that slowly build to a well trained dog. Rome wasn't built in a day. Download our free whistle training e-book to get started or see our two tone whistle being used in Claire Arrowsmith's recall training video.