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Mikki - Moult Master - Small (4.5cm)

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The Mikki Moult Master is designed to save time and energy. Designed by the profesionals, used and endorsed by dog grooming champion ALISON RODGERS. The Ultimate de-shedding tool.

  • Designed by professionals with the user in mind
  • Easy grip handle, lightweight & easy to use
  • Heat treated stainless steel; long lasting & strong
  • Dual edged teeth; double the grip, double the effectivness


"The Mikki Moult Master is an easy tool to use, it helps to thin the undercoat and remove dead hair to get an evenly polished look. This product is perfect for breeds such as Border Terriers, Cavaliers, Border Colliers and Labradors, smoothing down the coats to make an ideal show stopper"
ALISON RODGERS - Grooming Champion.