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Interpet - Power Filter - PF2

SKU: 755349022021

Simple and highly effective internal aquarium filters.

The most versatile, comprehensive internal power filters you can buy.


• Easy to fit to any aquarium

• Fully adjustable flow rate and direction adjustment lets you choose the best set-up for your aquarium

• Patented Aquavalve keeps water cleaner and makes filter removal mess-free


Key features

• Easy to use
• Sparkling clear water guaranteed
• Simple to fit to all aquariums
• Powerful venturi for healthy water

Product overview

If you're looking at this filtration system then you're onto an absolute winner. The PF Filtration system is the most versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-use filter range you can buy.
The powerful venturi thoroughly aerate the water, and are easily controlled with a simple-to-use rocker switch.
Your water will stay clean and clear as the clever patented aqua value lets waste particles enter the filter and then hangs onto them so they don't repollute the water. Even better, you can turn off the filter and remove the filter body for cleaning without the fear of seeing removed waste drop back into the aquarium.
It's simple to fit thanks to the easily located cradle, and easily adjusted with a simple flow rate and direction adjustment feature.
Replacement pads are readily available in separate packs of carbon, plain or super fine.