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Interpet - AntiFungus and finrot Treatment - 100ml

SKU: 755349505685

Anti Fungus & Finrot Plus - 100ml

Cures fungus, mouthrot and finrot.

Includes market leading breakthrough formulas for the best results.


Key features

• Treats affected fish
• Prevents the disease spreading for a healthier aquarium

Product overview

They might be common diseases, but it doesn't make finrrot, mouthrot and cotton wool disease any less harmful. Minimise the problem with Anti Fungus and Finrot. This antibacterial and antifungal treatment will treat affected fish and prevent the disease from spreading in your aquarium. Use for treating against mouth rot (Columnaris sp.), fin rot (Psuedomonas sp) and cotton wool (Saprolegnia sp.) fungus. *Shake well before use* Use our online