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Johnsons - Hairball Remedy For Cats & Kittens - 50g Tube

SKU: 5000476010188
  • Aids the elimination and prevention in hairballs
  • Tasty malt flavoured paste

About Johnson's:
A British Family Company, looking after the nations pets since 1921. Johnson's have been providing their Leading Range of Pet Healthcare Products for more than 100 years, and continues to develop New Products and New Treatments we need for the pets we love.

About Johnson's Hairball Remedy for Cats and Kittens 50g Tube:
Johnson's Hairball Remedy is a a tasty malt flavoured paste with will help to aid the elimination and prevention in hairballs in both cats and kittens.

Johnson's Hairball Paste Dosage Table:

Age Paste Dosage
Kittens over 4 weeks of age 12mm (1/2 inch)
Adult Cat 25mm (1 inch)

Always read packaging and information leaflet before use.

Mineral Oils flavoured with malt extract.

For use with Cats and Kittens over 4 weeks of age.