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Johnson's - Medicated Shampoo - 200ML

SKU: 5000476070120

A specially formulated shampoo treatment for dogs and puppies, Johnsons Medicated Shampoo is effective at clearing scurf, for an easy to use treatment suitable for frequent use.

An effective anti-dandruff and antibacterial formula, Johnsons Medicated Shampoo is developed with high quality ingredients. It gently cleans the coat, leaving it looking radiant, and leaves behind a pleasant, lasting fragrance. It also promotes healthy coat and skin, leaving a glossy finish so your dog looks his best at all times.

  • Suitable for dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds
  • Effectively clears scurf, with anti-dandruff and antibacterial properties
  • Cleanses and beautifies the coat
  • Lightly fragranced for a pleasant, lasting scent
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin