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Johnson's - Skin-eze cream - 50G

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Johnson's Skin-Eze Cream 50g

Like we care about our skin and use different creams whenever there is any skin infection, in the same way, pets also need some products to protect themselves from such problems. For that, nothing is better than the Johnson's Skin-Eze Cream. This cream is specially formulated for cats, dogs, and other small animals. It contains precipitated sulphur acid and many other natural ingredients that make it extremely safe for your pet. You can use it to provide your pet relief from any minor skin infections. It is safe and extremely effective. This soothing cream for pets is gentle and is completely absorbed by the skin.

The best thing about this pet cream is that it is also very simple to apply as all you have to do is apply it twice in a day and rub it gently on their skin. To prevent scratching, you can also use a bandage with lint. Keep on applying the cream till the symptoms disappear. But make sure to keep it away from your pet's eyes. You can also apply this cream on small cage birds and provide them relief from irritation. Whenever you feel like your pet is having skin infection, it is important to treat it instantly. It can cause some severe problems such as staph infection, leptospirosis, aspergillosis, and many more.

But with this skin-eze cream, you can protect their skin and make them feel all comfortable & relaxed. What are you waiting for? This cream is a must-have addition to your homes if you wish to keep your pet away from any serious skin problem.

Product Benefits

  • Formulated for cats, dogs, and other small animals inc. birds
  • Contains precipitated sulphur acid and many other natural ingredients
  • Provide your pet relief from any minor skin infections
  • Is gentle and completely absorbed by the skin
  • Easy to apply and is effective