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Armitage - Kagesan Sanded Sheets No4 - 6 Sheets (32x25cm)

SKU: 5000239271351

Kagesan 6 pack of sanded sheets 13″ x 10″

Armitage Kagesan 6 Sanded Sheets are the convenient and hygienic way to keep your Budgie’s or Canary’s cage clean and tidy. Just remove the used sand sheet and replace with a new Kagesan Sanded Sheet twice a week.For complete cage hygiene wipe over the cage tray and thoroughly clean the feeders, perches and cage accessories once a week. Kagesan sandsheets are cut to a size to fit the more common cage. It may be necessary to trim the sheet down to fit the cage.

To fit cage size 14″x8″ (35cmx21cm)